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Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should

As technologists, it’s our job to stay on top of, and advocate for, new approaches. There are many valid reasons an enterprise might want to adopt cutting edge or experimental technology. That said, gratuitous use of technology without a well-vetted business case can be exceedingly costly and more likely to stifle innovation than support it.

Thoughts on “Growing Well” as a technology startup

Talk given by leading software professional Dorothy M Danforth of Danforth Media to the Philadelphia New Technology Community on 12/19/2014.

Every entrepreneur wants to see his or her vision become a huge overnight success. But, there can be a heavy price for moving too far, too fast. How big, and how quickly you can grow and still produce a successful company will depend on many things. In her talk, Dorothy shares stories from her experience working with high growth Silicon Valley startups, and later as a product strategy consultant. She explores how to “grow well,” offering ideas to help you define a pace and scale that will support a healthy, sustainable outcome.

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Scoping and Pricing UX Projects for Consultants

“We’d like to work with you, please send me your rates…”

It’s a simple request, but one that can easily stump a newly minted UX consultant. When starting out, many independent consultants charge based on the going rate offered by the hiring firm. However, there is often room to negotiate a better deal. In other situations, the client is looking to the consultant to set pricing. So how, exactly, do you determine what to charge?

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