Product Research

You already know your product must be “easy to use,” “intuitive,” and “accessible” to be successful. But what does this mean, exactly, for your product?


What can be considered a “great” user experience is relative to the type of software being designed. It changes from user to user, by industry, by delivery platform, with social trends, and with the advancement of technology itself. Danforth leverages user-centered research methods and tools to help you answer what “easy to use,” “intuitive,” and “accessible” mean for your product, to your users, in today’s market.

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User-Centered Design

In a well-defined product design effort, research is at the heart of the process. But often, many of the most valuable insights are lost in the translation to design.

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This is where Danforth’s deep expertise pulling actionable insights out of research, and creatively weaving them back into a product’s design makes us unique. We’ve used research not only to make key improvements, but as a platform for innovation. Our experience-honed design intuition and data driven decision making ensures you will get the most value from your investment in user experience design.

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