Innovation Strategy

Successfully adopting an innovation mindset and uncovering new market opportunities requires a strategic approach to problem-solving. It is crucial to recognize that the methods for innovation differ from those employed in product evolution.

The inherently ambiguous nature of innovation can unsettle teams, leading them to rely on familiar processes and conventional thinking that result in incremental changes rather than transformative breakthroughs. It’s important to acknowledge that true innovation comes with inherent risks. However, by adopting the appropriate approach, these risks can be significantly mitigated.

Product Research

Research forms the foundation of a robust product strategy, yet valuable insights often get overlooked during the design and implementation phases. Danforth’s ability to extract actionable insights from research and seamlessly integrate them into product design sets us apart.

Our research efforts have yielded significant results, enabling us to assist clients in making essential improvements and seizing opportunities presented by emerging market trends. Through our experience-honed expertise and data-driven decision-making, we are poised to lead your team to success.

Case Studies