Danforth offers three core services: innovation strategy, product planning, and product research. As part of our tailored approach to meeting the unique strategic goals of each client, we have provided the following services:

Product Planning

  • User Experience Audit – A UX audit pulls together multiple sources of data for a product and reviews it in the context of design & business goals.
  • Competitive Review & Analysis – A competitive review evaluates how a given product’s competition stacks up against usability standards.
  • Heuristics Review – Competitive reviews can be done in conjunction with an “Expert” or heuristics review, which is a formal usability evaluation of an existing product against a set criterion.
  • User Persona Development – Persona are characters developed to represent aggregate statistical averages to profile a user group.
  • Stakeholder Requirements Alignment – Developing and implementing a plan by which ideas and findings are socialized through the organization and with key stakeholders.

Product Research

  • Concept Evolution User Testing – Iterative, early stage testing and prototyping cycles to formalize and refine a concept or set of functionality.
  • Validation User Testing – Single, later stage testing on beta or live product to assess its usability, accessibility, and/or overall experience.
  • Card Sort Studies – Card sorting is a specialized type of user testing that is useful for assessing how people group related concepts and what common terminology they use.
  • Surveys – UXD surveys contain targeted questioning about how usable a website or software is and the relative ease with which people can access content.
  • Card Sort Surveys – Taxonomy, language testing to validate existing information architecture labels and groupings or to get quantitative data on more generalized language use and expectation.
  • Research Plan Development – Assist client with the development of a targeted testing strategy that includes iterative research, design, and testing cycles using multiple test/research types.

Process & Methodology Consultation

  • Consulting support and/or specialized projects that assist a client with maturing their internal user-centric design practice within an organization