Danforth takes a people-first approach to ideation and design, enabling clients to innovate and gain a competitive advantage while optimizing development resources. Through the adept utilization of best-in-class product management and research methods, we enhance the business value and user experience of digital products.

Dorothy M. Danforth

Dorothy M DanforthDorothy, the principal consultant at Danforth, is a seasoned digital strategist with a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years. With a strong commitment to helping clients enhance their products, she actively collaborates as a trusted partner. Leveraging her innovative ideas, human-centered approach, and expertise in translating research into impactful design, Dorothy consistently delivers substantive results.

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    • Insightful Analysis – Our goal is accurate insightful analysis. We are experts in effectively interpreting research results into design ideas.
    • Research Driven – Our user-centric approach is deeply rooted in research; we use it to drive all of our design decisions. We are at the forefront of industry best practices in user research.
    • Accessible – We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and our deliverables are as user-friendly as our design ideas. We know how to make the process enjoyable, too.
    • Past Success – Our client list is one of the best reasons to work with us. We have nearly twenty years in user centered design (about as long as it’s been a field) and have helped leading companies substantively improve their products.